Your Meal Prep Superheroes: Serving Nutrition, Flavor, and Greatness

Welcome to Rations Food Company - your neighborhood meal prep superheroes. We're here to rescue you from the monotony of cooking and deliver mouthwatering, healthy meals right to your door. Our secret weapon? A dash of awesomeness, a sprinkle of nutrition, and a bucketload of flavor.

Born in the whirlwind of 2022, Rations Food Company began dishing our nutritious meals for local folks in the Jacksonville and Wilmington, NC areas.

Whether you're a fitness fanatic fueling a marathon run or a busy parent fighting the good fight against time, we've got your back, your front, and your stomach!

We specialize in creating meals for those navigating the choppy waters of gluten and dairy sensitivities. If gluten and dairy are your kryptonite, fear not! Our meals are crafted to be your culinary safe haven, leaving those villains out of the recipe. And trust us, you won't even miss them with the flavor extravaganza we've cooked up.

In a world where food restrictions can feel like, well, restrictions, we're here to prove they can be a launchpad to delicious discovery. Welcome to a world of guilt-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and full-of-fun feasting. Welcome to Rations Food Company.

Our delivery crew? They're the unsung heroes of the food scene, delivering a symphony of flavor to your doorstep.

Simply place your order online and get ready for your weekly dose of excitement. Our squad will roll up, loaded with gluten and dairy-free wonders, all set to turn your usual chow-time into something way more awesome.